WELCOME! Here you will find Roger's ILLUSTRATION portfolio and on-line GALLERIES.
The Illustrations displayed have been produced over a span of nearly three decades. I have adapted my artwork to meet varied clients needs and to fit succesfully within many styles and art markets. Most illustrations are created with time honored traditional materials using a mixed media of acrylic paint and pencils. Many recent works have been created digitally to meet current trends and demands, while retaining a similar look and feel. Some Illustrations are hard to put in a single category. So, check out the STOCK sub menus for a variety of types of images.
In the FINE ART section there are works for sale, PRINTS, and comissioned PORTRAITS. Mediums vary from a contemporary approach, to oils on wood panel.

Hopefully you can find something that will suit your needs. I am pleased to have you visit and hope you come back again.