Born and raised in Northern Utah, Roger Motzkus spent a lot of time drawing as a precocious and independent youth and received a full Art scholarship to the University of Utah. He became a working professional artist before he graduated in Fine Art in 1985. Early in his career he worked as a layout and storyboard artist for television animation, including episodes produced by Marvel Comics and for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It wasn't long before his work was being published by clients from coast to coast.

Just after marriage, he and his bride spread their wings in Southern California where they lived for 13 years and grew personally and professionally and had 3 children. Roger has gained a large list of very high profile clients and a reputation that's allowed him to be represented as among the best Illustrators in the country.

His work has received awards in many Art shows, including The Society of Illustrators West; exhibits in Los Angeles. He's been a guest instructor at many Colleges and Universities, including the Pasadena Art Center. His work has evolved over the decades to encompass diverse markets includ ing: Entertainment and movie poster design, Advertising, Publishing, Children's Books, toy packaging, the computer gaming industry – and even traditional Portraits and Fine Art.

Roger's work has been described from charming and traditional, as subtle as a two by four hitting you between the eyes, and Norman Rockwell meets MTV. No matter what the application, he is most gravitated towards storytelling with expressive faces.

Recently, he returned to his Utah roots to live near extended family. When not working, he can be found singing, fishing, or striving to be a good husband and father.